CSIO-Jumping Competitions


World Equestrian Festival since 1898

CHIO AACHEN 2000, July 11th - 16th


Official International Equestrian Event of the
Federal Republic of Germany

- Jumping, Dressage, Driving -

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Tuesday, July 11th -
10.15 a.m. S 1/A accom-Prize
Jumping Competition
12.30 p.m. S 1/B
Kaiserbrunnen AG Price - Jumping Competition
2.45 p.m. S 2 Prize of ELSA AG
Jumping Competition

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Wednesday, July 12th - "Europe Day"
10.15 a.m. NS 1 "Sparkassen-Youngsters-Cup"
National Jumping Competition
12 noon S 4

Warsteiner-Prize "Prize of Europe"
Jumping Competition with jump-off

5.30 p.m. S 3 Prize of Kreis Aachen
in memoriam Landrat Hermann-Josef Pütz

Hunting Competition

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Thursday, July 13th
10.00 a.m. S 6 PULSAR MASTERS
"Nordrhein-Westfalen-Preis" - 1st round
Jumping Competition with two rounds and one jump-off
2.30 p.m. S 5 Prize of Handwerk
Accumulator Jumping Competition with Joker
6 p.m. NS 2 "Sparkassen-Youngsters-Cup" - Final
National Jumping Competition

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Friday, July 14th
12 noon S 7 Prize of Tuchfabrik Becker, Aachen
Jumping Competition
1.30 p.m. S 8 Mercedes-Benz-Prize
"Nations´ Cup"- Team Classification
Challenge of the Federal Republic of Germany
6 p.m. NS 3 "Sparkassen-Youngsters-Cup" - Final
National Jumping Competition with jump- off

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Saturday, July 15th

12.30 a.m. S 9 Golden UPS Trophy
Jumping Competition with two different
rounds and one winning round
3.45 p.m. S 10 ROLEX Best of Champions
Jumping Competition with rotation of horses
6 p.m. S 11 Prize of Sparkasse
Hunting Competition over ditches, bank and through a lake

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Sunday, July 16th
10.30 a.m. S 12 ZENTIS - Prize
"The Last Chance" - Hunting Competition
1.30 p.m. S 13 Prize of Aachener und Münchener Versicherungen
"The Grand Prix of Aachen"
Jumping Competition with two rounds and jump-off
Rating for the "PULSAR-Crown-Series"

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